The role of the wife in creating a chaste family
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A woman must be aware of the importance of her role in building a chaste family. She has a major role in making her husband happy and protecting him from deviation, by carrying out her basic duties towards her husband in making him happy and providing his needs and all his rights. In order to create a calm atmosphere full of love and harmony.

In order for a wife to create a chaste family, she must first create a chaste husband, and contribute to creating a wall of chastity for her husband, and this is represented by two points:

The first: Caring about her appearance in front of her husband. That she be before him a symbol of beauty and tenderness, and that if he looked at her, she would bring him happiness and joy.

Second: The wife must pay attention to cleanliness and perfume, and always be careful that her husband does not smell anything from her or her house except nice fragrant and good scent.

Therefore, a woman, through her concern for the beauty of her appearance, her delicacy, her cleanliness, and the cleanliness of her home, can make a chaste husband, and protect her husband from falling into things that contradict the character of chastity, and thus she will have established a chaste atmosphere in the family in which chaste children will grow up. Thus, she created a chaste family.

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