advantages & disadvantages of divorce
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There are multiple reasons which may lead to ending a relationship, however, domestic violence is one of the main reasons that lead to the end, where the partners can’t take it anymore and they can’t live together so they decide to divorce.

Divorce is a huge phenomenon in all societies around the world.

before planning for a divorce it's important to evaluate the advantages and disadvantages not only for yourself but for your spouse and your children. Divorce divides a family financially and emotionally, which may improve life for all, or exchange one set of problems for another. Consider the benefits and drawbacks.

Here are some advantages and disadvantages of divorce:


Divorce gives you another chance to live your life in your own way after a divorce you will be able to restart your life with or without another partner, you can be happy again, well if you make the right decision after.

After a divorce, individuals can develop the personal skills that can help them work towards a better quality of life for themselves.



An argument against divorce is its negative effect on a couple’s psychological health. Adults can suffer a negative psychological balance, including high levels of anxiety, unhappiness and depression.

Divorce doesn’t just affect the couple who is splitting, children feel the impact, too. A disadvantage is a negative impact it will have on children. A child of divorce may develop commitment issues and doubt his ability to marry. You know he or she might see how problematic marriage is and end up not marrying at all. Some may also suffer depression because of the break-up of their family.

However, ladies, there are some situations in which it is basically impossible for you to live with your man under the same roof.

Some examples would be-

Physical abuse – nonstop intentional beating without reason

He’s cheating on you by committing zina (Adultery)

He’s not providing you with what’s obligatory…. clothes, food, shelter and the bedroom lol. 

If your entire life is at stake, and it is dangerous to live with the other person divorce allows you to get that freedom and move on.

Now, there are other serious but fixable issues.

Some examples would be -

-The top authority (mainly men want to take control of the wife)

-Incompatibility (You guys can work that out. Sit together and say what you like and dislike about each other. Open up and speak freely then compromise and everything’s set.

These issues are fixable through counselling so don’t let divorce be the first thing to cross your mind. seek solutions.

Let’s see some stats about divorces.

In America, there is one divorce approximately every 36 seconds. That's nearly 2,400 divorces per day, 16,800 divorces per week and 876,000 divorces a year. Wow that’s in America alone…

The average length of a marriage that ends in divorce is eight years.

People wait an average of three years after a divorce to remarry (if they remarry at all). So there’s a chance he might come back….yay.

The average age for couples going through their first divorce is 30 years old.

But yeah I know these stats are for the west, our stats would be different lol.

now there are stats on the likelihood of divorce.

If your parents are happily married, your risk of divorce decreases by 14 percent.

People who wait to marry until they are over the age of 25 are 24 percent less likely to get divorced.

If you've attended college, your risk of divorce decreases by 13 percent.

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