Saying No
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1- Ask for more time before committing. Your knee-jerk response to being asked for a favor may be to say "Yes." Make a habit of not giving an automatic "Yes" all the time. When asked to do something, instead respond with, "I'll think about it" or "Can I get back to you on that? I'd like to, but I might have something scheduled."

  • Saying "I'll think about it" will usually get the person off your back. This will give you time to genuinely consider your response.
  • After agreeing to think something over, you can decide later whether or not you agree. If you decide against doing something, you can give a firm "No" later.
  • For example, a friend asks if you'll watch her cat over the holiday weekend. Say, "I have to look over my schedule. Let me think about it."

2- Start with a compliment or gratitude. While you should be firm when saying "No," you'll also feel better if you're polite. When letting someone down, soften the blow by starting with a compliment. Express gratitude at having been asked or invited.

  • For example, "I'm glad you feel comfortable asking me to watch Bella. It means a lot knowing that you trust me with your cat because I know how much you care about her."

3- Give a clear "No." After the initial kindness, you can say "No." Be firm here. You want to make it clear you are giving a firm "No" so the person does not press the issue or ask you again.

  • For example, "I just don't really have the time to run back and forth from your place this weekend. I already have a lot of plans with family."

4- Thank and encourage the person. You want to leave things on a good note. You can be firm without being rude or aggressive. Thank the person for thinking of you, and wish them good luck.

  • For example, "Again, I'm glad to know you trust me with Bella. Good luck finding someone else to watch her."


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