allah will not answer all your prayers
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One day a passenger in the airplane was sitting in his seat .

While they were flying, he felt uncomfortable and wanted to move the seat a little bit to make more space for his feet.

There was a handle next to his seat and he tried to pull it to move the seat a bit.

The handle was stuck and didn't move at all.

He called for the flight attendant .

The man explained what is going on to the flight attendant and wanted her to help moving the seat.

The flight attendant shouted on the man not to touch the handle, and pointed to a lable above it.

The lable said: "Emergency exit" and the man was very surprise how focused he was and didn't notice it.

The man was about to kill himself and everyone on the plane.

We learn that not everything we want is good for us, and when Allah don't answe our prayers, he must know what is better for us, and will only answer what is good for us .


Reality Of Islam

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