Destroy anxiety with facts
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Half of the anxiety comes from trying to reach decisive decisions before we have enough information to make the decision!

This is why Imam Ali - peace be upon him - emphasizes in the rules of psychological, mental and behavioral safety:

1- Consideration before action.

2- Consultation and thinking before determination.

3- Receiving opinions to identify errors.

4- Not doing something if not knowing what is the right thing to do.

So, you must collect the facts about the problem, understand the reasons, and record every detail that appears in the topic in an integrated manner as a first rule.

The second rule: Analyzing the facts and causes and pursuing the real and basic cause of the problem and separating it from other imaginary or subsidiary causes. If a person devotes some of his time to obtaining the abstract facts, his anxiety often evaporates in the light of his awareness of the issues.

Certainty is obtained by tracking and proving the facts. After the matters and facts become clear to you, you can form an opinion, make a decision, and build upon it your determination to implement it.

Proceed to implement your decision and do not hesitate, for after certainty you must advance.

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