your life
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Don't tell people about every beautiful thing you have, because not all of them have good intentions.

Most of hem carry envy and jealousy in their hearts.

Reality Of Islam

Scientific Approach to the Quran

10:13:17   2024-02-26  

Falsification Test

10:45:27   2024-02-25  

Embryology of the Quran

11:45:29   2024-02-24  

A Revelation - Abu Lahab

10:37:49   2024-02-22  

A Mathematical Approach to the Quran

10:52:33   2024-02-16  


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what Allah hates the most

5:1:47   2023-06-01  

allahs fort

11:41:7   2023-05-30  

striving for success

2:35:47   2023-06-04  

Imam Ali Describes the Holy Quran

5:0:38   2023-06-01  


11:40:13   2023-05-30  

silence about wisdom

3:36:19   2023-05-29  


Importance of Media

9:3:43   2018-11-05


strong personality

10:43:56   2022-06-22

do not burn out

2:34:48   2022-01-18

anti racism

9:30:2   2021-11-12

the effect of words

5:58:12   2021-12-18

hud & his people

7:45:39   2018-06-21

the 1st ever brothers

6:14:17   2018-06-21

noah & his ark

7:59:14   2018-06-21

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