the 1st ever brothers
6:14:17 2018-06-21 1399

Adam had two sons

called Habil and Qabil.

Adam thought that

Habil, the younger son,

should take over after him.

But Qabil didn't like this

idea and was very


To settle the argument

Adam thought of an idea.

He told his sons to think

of a present to give to

Allah and to leave it

on top of a certain hill.

The one whose

present Allah accepted,

would win the


Allah chose Habil's

present because Habil

had taken a lot

of time and trouble

to choose his present.

Qabil was very upset and

angry. He was so angry

that he killed his

own brother. Afterwards,

when he realised what

he had done, he cried

and cried but it was

too late to be sorry.


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