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The Islamic psychology scholars’ researches shows that non selfish and pure motivations which are used on being sincere are the best motivations in righteous deeds , specially, when it is paired with the quality of the righteous work and not the quantity .                                                                                                        For quantity is not Allah criterion but the pure, mastered and correct work .
The believer searches for those righteous deeds which make him closer to Allah even if they were few . to win Allah’s care and kindness and to have his special treatment  that cause all the blessings and mercy.
And one of these deeds is depression removing and taking sadness and worry out of hearts that are harmed by the storms of life like poverty , crisis , disaster and social problems …
When the believer’s part is shown in helping needy and beggary people , this will cause a great effect in the minds of those people ,that will never be forgotten and will be mentioned with thanking as long as you are alive .
And this is what our truthful Imam  - peace be upon him -  guide us to by saying : 
“ Allah – great be his name – looks to four people in the judgment day : who forgives a regretter “ who wants to return what he bought “ , or relief a depressed , or freed a soul , or paired a single “ by marriage “ 
The regretter in his deal after buying and selling , and wants to have his money or goods back , it is more desirable to do it . because doing such good work is one of the best and being to Allah’s orders for it is a righteous work . 
Depressed is the person who falls in a problem or difficulty , as a social problem , or an illness that he doesn’t have enough money to heal it , and looks for who may help and rescue him , so that , when a believer helps a needy human , it is considered  as a very special deed in Allah scale that a believer deserves a special place from the great creator  for it .
Freeing slaves , was a special work that believers would rush to do it in the past times , and may be in our time too it might be like helping the one who works in the houses for a salary , to start a new special project to work by himself and own a work with no authority on him ; and this help for him is a special work that a believer deserves great reward for .
Pairing single people and working to build the house of marriage for who is not able to do that , is one of deeds that are loved by Allah and makes the believer in the circle of Allah’s sight and care ; because it protects boys and girls from deviation , and contributing in enlarging humanity and to support building the house of marriage , and this is what Allah loves and reward who does it with a great reward .
So use these special ways of good deeds as long as in the testing world , for after you die , your quest will stop and only what you did will matter .

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