Know the motives of your child. Is he lying or exaggerating?
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Many children, especially at a certain age, talk about things that are not true in our opinion, which makes us angry to the point that we sometimes resort to hitting him or ignoring what he says, and we may even imagine that he does not often tell the truth, but we have to pay attention: maybe his motive was not to lie!

How can we discipline his motives from lying and exaggeration when he talks about his perceptions and observations?

First: Strengthening his self-confidence by accepting everything he tells us at the beginning and without making him feel like inspecting and verifying what he says, so we listen to what he tells us and make him feel the importance of what he tells us about.

Second: A child under the age of five may resort to imaginative lying because he is unable to differentiate between truth and imagination, and this causes him to tell unrealistic stories. On the other hand, because he has a fertile imagination, he may exaggerate what he imagines or sees, so there is no need to scold him because his age has something to do with it.

Third: Trying to treat his emotional and psychological disturbances due to what he feels from others, or the presence of a competitor and enemy, so he resorts to lying. For example, he destroys his younger brother’s needs and denies the accusation that he was not the one responsible.

Fourth: Explain to him the virtue of telling the truth by strengthening the religious and moral side of children through some stories that you can tell your child, which clarify the difference between honesty and lying, such as the story of the man with the long nose (Pinocchio).

Fifth: A sense of security is the best space you can provide for your children, so that they stay away from the reasons that push them to lie. Whenever a child takes money from the father’s pocket, do not hold him accountable, but rather provide him with security so that he can tell you that he took money from you, for punishment and beating makes him use lying as an excuse to avoid punishment.


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