Not all that glitters is gold
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Are appearances deceiving or are we the ones being deceived?

When something about someone impresses you; don't be in a hurry! Wait for what comes out of him next? Your vision might change?

And when something bothers you about someone, do not rush to confirm your convictions that he is annoying or evil?! Try to live his circumstance or read behind what bothered you about it?

We do not have supernatural insight so that we can know everything that intentions contain.

Just as we do not have absolute knowledge, what we do not know is the greatest percentage.

So the source of the deception in appearances is not caused by the appearances themselves?!!

Rather, we lack the ability to distinguish!!

What you like or annoy you may be the domain of psychological thoughts only!!

Then you must have the key to proof or denial that no rational person will disagree with you about!!

Please; consider these realistic images:

Delaying the return of the debts that your friend borrowed may cause you great annoyance, especially since you see that he has obtained a sum of money recently!

But what she did not know is that his mother is in the hospital, and his son needs some important needs at school, and other necessary daily requirements!

 What you liked about the development coach’s talk about the necessity of positive interaction with others, and for a person to maintain his relationships with friends, stems from your imagination that behind the flowery talk is a successful person in his relationships!! But the truth is that he is a person who suffers from problems in his relationships with others!!

Do not rush and rely on your initial convictions. You must obtain secondary information that will reveal to you the truth about this sparkle whose brilliance attracted you. Is it a piece of pure or fake gold?

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