Children running away from home
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The home is considered the safest place and refuge for all family members in various life crises, and perhaps one of the greatest evils is for a father to push his children to flee the home because of his rude treatment of them and their feeling of constant fear and anxiety due to his harsh methods of commands and prohibitions and the physical and psychological consequences.

Or they may be pushed to flee by scenes of domestic violence that occurs between spouses and its repercussions on them, so they resort to escaping the confusing and puzzling reality of parental conflict or the turbulent atmosphere between family members if it is large.

This causes psychological and intellectual problems that cause children to flee home permanently or temporarily, and do not return until late at night, making them vulnerable to failure in life, deviance, and taking the path of crime and immorality. Because humans in general, and children or adolescents in particular, cannot advance academically or professionally and be truthful and honest... except within the safe environment of the family.

Or the motive may be due to the negative upbringing that follows the family style of perpetuating the concept of meeting all needs and trying to please their children. This method of upbringing helps them to rebel in the event that their needs and what they are accustomed to are not provided for them or their requests are not met!

Among the motives for escape are the mistaken convictions in the tradition of uncontrolled societies that allow those in their teenage years to leave the family home, separate from them, and become completely independent from the family entity.

It is worth noting that what supports their escape, in addition to these reasons, is the preparation of many places that benefit from the escape of children from their families to receive them, welcome them, and then exploit them for purposes forbidden by Sharia and legally prohibited.

Therefore, some girls may fall into shock or trouble and find the solution by escaping from home. Parents should think about ways to deal with these shocks and crises with some awareness, love and care, and reassure the girl not to practice physical and psychological violence in its various forms against her, and this is something that requires taking steps. Parents take serious care of their daughters. Any mistake your daughter makes is your responsibility, so do not neglect the details of her life and be constantly aware of her conditions, so that you can protect your teenage daughter from bad friends, protect her from blackmail, and free her from false convictions.

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