Control irritability and anger
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There is a lot of painful and bad news that we experience in our contemporary life, and despite the development of means of livelihood, it has not succeeded in achieving psychological stability for many of us. The speed of tension and anxiety overtakes us over the slightest problem, while the speed of irritation and anger is evident through our dealings with our children or with our partner at home or at work. ...This puts us in social and health problems, as the result of constant stress and anger causes us health problems, including overeating, insomnia and depression. Outbursts of anger can also increase the risk of heart attacks and strokes.

We recommend these steps that may help you control your emotions:

The first step: Change your position immediately, practice healthy breathing, drink a cup of water, perform ablution, sit down if you are standing, go out if you are indoors, move a little away from what aroused you.

The second step: If the first step does not succeed or you need something else, we advise you to call your close friend who supports you in situations and advises you with all honesty and sincerity, or to go to him and share your situation with him to help you think calmly about the situation that upset you.

The third step: Rule your conscience and take the advice of Imam Ali - peace be upon him - as a fixed principle in your life: “Make yourself a balance between you and others, and love for others what you love for yourself, and hate for them what you hate for yourself. Do not be unjust as you do not like to be wronged... This principle is that when someone is the cause of your dissatisfaction, be in his or her place to distinguish impartially who is actually offensive?

Step Four: Engrave two beautiful phrases in your memory:

The saying of our Master, the Messenger of Allah (may Allah bless him and his family)

[The strong man is not the one who strikes, but the strong man is the one who controls himself when angry]

The popular proverb: He who relieves his anger will demolish his house!

Because the results of continuous emotion may lead to recklessness, and thus something bigger and more severe than the problem that aroused our anger will occur. With patience and suppressing anger, the wheel of life moves.

Step Five: The principle: “This time will pass!” And as Imam Musa bin Jaafar Al-Kadhim - peace be upon him - said: “...For the world is only an hour, and whatever passes from it, you will not find happiness or sadness, and whatever does not come from it, you will not recognize it, so be patient for that hour that you are in.”

The flow of time sweeps away many worries, reveals what is hidden, and reveals hidden is just time, so do not rush!

Step Six: Instead of complaining, belittling, and screaming, use your senses and determine how important the problem is? What are the possible solutions? Analyze the problem and come up with logical solutions. In this way, you will provide yourself and others with comfort and peace.

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