Seven obstacles stand in the way of your happiness
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Happiness is not ready-made packages that we buy with money or positions. Rather, it lies in your sense of pleasure as you overcome obstacles towards achieving your ambitions and goals. It is true that the bitterness of some obstacles makes us frustrated, but that should not make us give up and fall prey to despair, but rather renew our attempts, relying on Allah’s kindness and mercy.

The first obstacle: the common negative convictions: (I have grown old), (I have missed the opportunity), (What will people say about me?)

The second obstacle: Fear of failure or loss. To overcome it, listen to what Imam Ali, peace be upon him says: If you are faced with something, do it, for the intensity of avoiding it is greater than what you fear.

The third obstacle: the dominance of past sorrows and anxiety about the future: As for your thinking about the past, it is in order to learn a lesson, not to destroy your feelings with sadness. As for the future, it is outside the limits of your awareness, and its management is in the hands of Allah Almighty, so put your trust in Him, Glory be to Him.

The fourth obstacle: Clinging to justifications: Be serious about achieving your ambition. Clinging to excuses to justify your failure, for example, or your not getting a job or a suitable partner, is only harming yourself while the flow of time moves on, not caring about what you are clinging to.

Fifth obstacle: Abandoning trying and repeating: Thomas Edison did not reach the invention of the light bulb except with a spirit that resisted despair and found pleasure in trying and repeating that pushed him to a successful result. Thomas says: “Many of those who failed did not realize how close they were to success when they gave up.” He also said, “I did not fail, but rather I found (ten thousand ways) that the lamp cannot work. Therefore, you cannot reach glory and success except after you are patient over obstacles and use repeated attempts as a rope to climb to the pinnacle of success.”

The sixth obstacle: discouraging people: thieves on the road to success surround us, so beware of their poisonous words lest they harm your positive feelings, as these people gossip about things that raise your fears and make difficulties in your face, so do not worry about them and move on on your way

The seventh obstacle: trivial distractions. Some practices turn into trivial matters when compared to the size of the goal that we aspire to reach. The time factor cannot be neglected. Watching some television programs, browsing on the Internet, or playing electronic games are distractions from the intended goal.

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