The most dangerous bird in the world appears in the ocean waters of Australia
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Beachgoers at Bingil Bay on the east coast of Australia were shocked by the sudden appearance of a strange creature.

It later turned out to be a small cassowary, widely known as the most dangerous bird in the world.

The incident was reported to the Queensland Department of Environment and Science on October 31, and has since spread widely across the Internet.

Cassowaries are known for their prehistoric appearance, length, powerful legs and clawed feet, and the potential to cause some serious damage.

Seeing a southern cassowary (Casuarius casuarius johnsonii) in the water comes as a surprise, because many people don't realize that cassowaries can swim.

Wildlife officer Stephen Clough, from the Queensland Parks and Wildlife Service (QPWS), said: “Cassowaries can swim and will go into the water to cross from one side of the river to the other, or if they feel threatened by domestic dogs or another cassowary.

According to reports from Bingil Bay Campground host Nikita McDowell, the bird was swimming about 200 meters offshore.

Bingil Bay is located north of Mission Beach in tropical north Queensland. The traditional owners of the land call the area Djiru Country and refer to the cassowary as goondoi.

This bird is an important species for the aboriginal people of Australia, and plays a major role in the reproduction of rainforest trees.

Are cassowaries really dangerous?

Along with ostriches, they are one of only two bird species that have caused human death through physical assault.

A review of cassowary attacks published in 2006 in the Journal of Zoology looked at 221 cassowary attacks, including 150 attacks against humans. In just over 70% of the cases, the birds were attacking, and their claws were used in only 15% of the attacks.

So, if you are lucky enough to come face to face with these birds, remember not to approach them or try to feed them especially if there are eggs or chicks nearby.

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