The danger posed by smart people
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A lot of intelligence with all the advantages can be dangerous in some cases. In this area we can find issues that people are affected by and regret:

- High intelligence sometimes causes arrogance, and this arrogance causes harm to these people.

- This matter in some cases causes and paves the way for moral decline, and it is possible for them to fall into dangerous ways and even go crazy and commit crimes against others.

These people suffer from many difficulties related to the nature of harmony with society and the problems that exist in this area from a political standpoint and cause them problems.

- Some of these people, due to failure, may lose their confidence and develop a kind of mistrust of society and its movements.

- They may be subjected to envy by others, and their associates and friends may cause them many problems, and even with some resources, they may pave the way for their demise and nonexistence.

Envious people blame these people, despise them, and want to belittle them in any way. In other words, they break their horns and cause them to fall or make them like them.

- In general, if the environment is not suitable for their maturity and the parents do not prepare conditions to help them, then the risk of harm and falling is inevitable, as well as deviance, corruption, isolation, and escaping from society, and maturity is often due to environmental conditions.

Problems facing intelligent people

These people suffer from multiple issues and problems that increase as they get older. The most important problems they face are:

- The problem of others accepting them. Since they do not accept individuals who are lower than them in intelligence, they will face the same problem.

- The problem of lack of interest in lessons and class due to arrogance and disdain for the educational system.

- The problem of arrogance and superiority over others, which paves the way for physical, psychological and moral damage.

The problem of personality development on one side is their lessons. For example - good, but their social maturity is low

- Psychological problems that arise in them due to a sense of negligence. Sometimes this is due to not paying attention to their tendencies.

- The problem of mistrust of others due to a feeling of weakness in their understanding and understanding.

-And finally. The problem of lack of harmony and familiarity with society and life circumstances.

We cannot put these in the normal circumstances of others. Because they accept it. We cannot bully them with empty words because they do not give up. We cannot deal with them the way adults deal with children, because they do not feel that they are smaller than others, and... all of these things require us to prepare special surroundings and circumstances for them. What is important to them is their intellectual integrity, psychological freshness and reasonable controls that must be guaranteed by others.

The future of these people

These people can become an asset to society, create innovations for the country, and find the solutions we need. In every society there are problems whose solution requires the assistance and combined effort of internal and external specialists. If there is a smart or genius person in society, he can provide a solution or a way out.

These people can be good leaders and are in charge of managing society. They carry out their duties in an appropriate manner, provided that they are under specific controls. In fact, these people are not restricted by place or time, as they do not live in one place, and this is the reason why they and society suffer harm.

Our idea and hope is that the number of these people may increase in the future and in the coming years, and that appropriate conditions will be created for mothers to give birth to geniuses and intelligent people, but what is the extent of their success in this field, only God knows.

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