Discover a new species of gecko
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Researchers in Australia discovered a new type of gecko (the poisonous gecko) with beautiful eyes that blended with the rest of the body, which allowed it to evade detection for decades.

The new species, called the lesser thorn-tailed gecko, or Strophurus spinula, is about 6.1 cm long and has a mottled pattern of white and gray scales, which are also mimicked in its eyes.

These camouflaged reptiles live in forested areas across southwestern Australia, although scientists aren't sure exactly how big the newly discovered species' population is.

The lesser spiny-tailed gecko (Strophurus spinula) is the twenty-first identified species in the genus Strophurus, all of which are endemic to Australia, and is collectively known as the spiny-tailed gecko because it has small spines on its tails and sometimes above its eyes.

Strophurus spinula is thought to be part of a closely related species of Strophurus assimilis. But in the new study, published in the journal Records of the Western Australian Museum, scientists conducted an extensive genetic analysis of the newly discovered genus, and found it to be a new species.

Close examination of the smaller fork-tailed gecko showed that the newly discovered species could be physically distinguished from the genus Strophurus, the scientists wrote in the paper.

Like all other spiny-tailed geckos, Strophurus spinula can secrete a harmless, foul-smelling chemical from glands near its tail to deter potential predators descending from the upper bushes, where they usually attack it.

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