solving the electricity crisis in Iraq
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Will the path of development contribute to solving the electricity crisis in Iraq?

Economic expert Safwan Qusay explained the importance of the development path in transporting liquid gas to Europe and obtaining electric power through it.

Safwan said that "there is a group of means of transportation for oil and its derivatives, including trains, where gas can be exported through the development road via the railway on this road, especially since the European Union needs liquid gas and oil after cutting off Russian supplies to this continent."

He added, "The existence of such a road in addition to the existence of a strategic partnership, as it could also include the transfer of energy as well as the establishment of a pipeline to transport crude oil later, as the focus is currently on transporting liquid gas to be converted into a gaseous state and carrying out some treatments with the European Union."

And he indicated that "there is a possibility to transfer oil derivatives through the Al-Faw refinery in the event that the project is completed, as it can be transported in addition to transferring derivatives from the Gulf countries to European countries, in addition to the possibility that the road will be a crossing for electric energy, especially since the train through development will work on energy and it is possible Its supply comes from European and Gulf countries, which allows Iraq to achieve energy security."

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