Wars are a major cause of hunger in the world
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A report of the United Nations World Food Program confirmed that wars and continuous conflicts are the main cause of hunger in the world.

The report stated that "wars and the resulting crises on the human level have turned into tsunamis of global dimensions over the past few years. Ukraine has left 245 million people in 79 countries suffering from hunger or an acute food crisis."

"The current number of people suffering from hunger is three times what it was in 2019, and food prices worldwide have risen to their highest level in 10 years."

 "Difficulties are exploding in poor countries, as in Syria and Yemen, and many countries have not yet recovered from the effects of the epidemic, and they are burdened with debts, and poverty and hunger are rampant, which also threatens to ignite existing tensions, and the increase in food and fuel prices leads to an increase in the cost of operations." procurement and logistics while the financing gap continues to grow.”

"The global climate crisis has emerged as a new factor of hunger, and if we fail to reduce climate-damaging emissions, 30 percent of the world's agricultural production capacity may be lost by the end of the century, so the conflicts that are still the main cause of hunger must be ended."

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