Quran as a Miracle
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To every Prophet, Allah gave some miracles, but gone are the Prophets and their miracles. The Holy Prophet Muhammad (S) is the last prophet and Allah gave him a timeless miracle, and that miracle is the Holy Qur’an.

It has often been argued that the Qur'an is not only the first book, and the highest linguistic achievement, of the Arabic language, but that it is also Prophet Muhammad's strongest argument against those who doubted his Message. The question that needs to be addressed here concerns the reason why a holy book, a composition of language, should be hailed as Islam's (and Prophet Muhammad's) strongest miracle and argument. The point has sometimes been made that other prophets had more tangible miracles. In the case of Muhammad, however, the miracle was not comparable to Prophet Mussa’s staff or Prophet Issa’s healing powers, but was more than that.

The Holy Qur’an is indeed a miracle in many aspects, some of which are described here below:

A) The Exclusive eloquence of the Qur’an.
B) The Inimitable Quality of the Qur’an.
C) The Scientific Miracle of the Qur’an.
D) The Accuracy of the Historical Records in the Qur’an.
E) The Predictions in the Qur’an.
F) The Challenge of the Qur’an.

Since the above points also constitute evidences on the authenticity of the Qur’an as the word of Allah (swt), they are discussed in detail in the Qur’an Resource Paper no. 2, under the title of “Authenticity of the Holy Qur’an”.


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