largest 3D printer for making metal structures
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Unveiling the world's largest 3D printer for making metal structures

During the Metalloobrabotka-2023 technical exhibition, Rusatom unveiled the largest 3D printer developed in Russia for making metal structures.

Rusatom developed the aforementioned printer in conjunction with specialists from the Institute of Welding Technologies of Saint Petersburg Technical University, and equipped it with two robots and an arm capable of lifting heavy weights.

According to the developers, the new machine has the ability to print metal structures with a diameter of 2.2 meters and a height of one meter, to use these structures in various industries.

This printer uses nickel alloys, stainless steel and heat, and can manufacture structures that enter into the composition of mixtures of metal powders of various properties.

By using this printer, metal objects can be manufactured that are used in various fields of industry, such as nuclear industries, aircraft, ships, and space industries.

On the subject, Olga Ospenenkova, Executive Director of the Association for the Development of Innovative Technologies in Russia, said: "Innovative technologies are important for creating a new generation of industrial products, and developing such a mechanism is an important step in the field of Russian industry."

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