Make it your goal to live above zero
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From my experience as a psychiatrist, I learned a lot about alleviating the grief and pain of others, and I found it satisfying to know how much I was helping others overcome their problems such as depression, anxiety, anger, and stress. But I also realized that despite the importance of this work, helping others to get rid of adversity and sorrow in their lives did not always enable them to enjoy a happier life.

There is a deep and powerful difference between letting go of sorrows and enjoying happiness. Although we focus our efforts on eliminating the negatives in our lives, we rarely focus on increasing the positives. If you imagine a graph of our emotional well-being with a vertical line starting at negative ten and going up to plus ten, many people, as psychologists have pointed out, focus only on getting from negative ten to zero!

To be happy, your goal should be to live your life “above the zero line.” Happiness means living within the positive ten-point scale. Many people spend their time believing that their lives would be better if they could solve all their problems. That is not the idea. The bad, but if you really want to enjoy real forms of happiness, you will also need to take the time to think about the good things in your life and focus on them and increase them. There is a big difference between this and that, with the latter option you will have a much greater positive focus.

So, you have to ask yourself where is your focus on the chart? Do you spend a lot of time focusing on what is below the zero line or what is above? Pick something that is already going well in your life and devote your energy to working on improving it. This could be a relationship, a hobby, your work environment, or something as simple as a delicious meal you make for yourself. There's no reason why something "good" can't be "great" by putting some effort into it.

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