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Where do you shine most in your work, and how can you bring that into your home? What do you do that shines most in your home, and how can you bring that to your workplace?

One of the interesting observations I have made through my years as a psychologist and coach is that in some cases people are not very good at generalizing or transferring certain behaviors from one situation to another.

I've met and worked with people who are great parents, but not great managers. At the same time, I have met people who are extremely successful at work but miserable in their personal lives.

But it should not be this way, because the skills that lead to success in one area of our lives can easily lead us to the same success in other areas. Happiness and success are often allies of those who are skilled in recognizing where their strengths lie, and who are equally skilled in exploiting those strengths in one field or another.

Choose either your work life or your personal life, and identify your greatest strengths in either. Do you keep your nerves under pressure at work? You may feel like a bore at home, when in fact your greatest skill lies in minimizing conflicts in your family. And if you are loved at home for your sense of humor and creativity, you may find that you are really good at lateral thinking and motivation in your workplace. If you are a social person who is successful in planning barbecue parties on the weekends. Make sure to work with clients and co-workers to get the most out of your skills. The secret is to find a way to use your strengths in all aspects of your life.

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