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Humility is to respect people according to their value, and to not see themselves above them.

It is to be considered as a great manner, and is of great gravitation, and truly deserves admiration. Allah (SWT) has ordered the Prophet Mohammed (PBUH) with humility, in the Holy Quran Allah has said “And lower your wing to those who follow you of the believers.”  The Ahlul-Bayt (AS) have also greatly emphasized on the importance of humility, and one can realize this through their actions, what they say, and their daily life. Imam Al-Sadiq (AS) has said “On the day of Judgement, there are two groups of people, whoever has humility towards Allah, Allah will raise them, and whoever is arrogant towards Allah, Allah will lower them.” The Prophet (PBUH) has said “Indeed, the most beloved of you to me and the nearest of you to my position on the Day of Judgement are the best of you in nature and in humility; and the furthest of you from me are the vainglorious, that is the arrogant.” Imam Ali (AS) has said “It is good for the rich to show humility before the poor to seek reward from Allah, but better than that is the haughtiness of the poor towards the rich with trust in Allah.” What’s worthy to mention is that humility is greatly praised.


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