Lentils punishment
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A man married a woman, and even though he was a bit rich, he was very stingy and eats or brings nothing to his house but lentils.Three meals a day for every week and months and year. 
The wife was very patient for a very long time and when she asks him to bring some meat or chicken, he refuses and mention the benefits of lentils and how cheap it is.
One day, she went to see her family, and her family saw that she is sad and when they asked her, she was shy and didn't say anything but her brothers asked her more about it, and she told them that she has never eaten anything but lentils.
They told her: don't worry, we will fix this problem. Give him this sleeping pill and call as when he sleeps, we will be next to the house.
After she called them, they entered the house and tied up her husband well and wrapped him in a shroud and took him to a fully dark room.
They waited until he wakes up, and two of her brothers came near him in disguise and asked him: "Who is your God?"
The man in that moment was sure he has died and he was being asked at that moment, so he answered: "The Almighty Allah"
Then they asked: "What is your religion?"
He said: "Islam"
They asked: "Who is the messenger that was sent to you?"
He said: "Prophet Mohammad" 
They asked: "What did you eat in your life?"
He said: "Lentils, only lentils all my life"
they said: "Only lentils all your life, and Allah has said: "Eat from the goods that we provided" 
The punishment of the lentils is to be flogged until the judgment day, he  got so scared and when they started to beat him, he instantly passes away of fear.
They untied him and returned him to the bed and put on his clothes again.
When he woke up, he asked his wife while shaking and in pain: "Am I dead? has anything happened?"
She said: "Nothing happened and you are alive, and i will go to make you some lentil for breakfast"
He shouted: "NOOOOO"
Don't make lentil for its punishment is until the judgement day, I will go to buy some meat and chicken"

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