a just ruler
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There was a king who ruled for many years.
One day, the police brought a man accused with stealing.
The king asked for the judge to come.
when the judge came, a wise man came with him and sat down near the judge.
The accused man started explaining what happened and why he did it.
He said: I'm a poor man, and I had six sheep that kept me and my wife alive, and few days ago, wolves attacked my sheep and I was nearly killed too. I lost everything and I had nothing to eat. When I went to steel the store, I only took what I can eat to keep my wife and myself alive.

The king said to the judge: "What is your opinion"
The judge said: "As the law of Islam declares, the hand of the thief must be cut"
The king asked the wise man beside the judge: "What do you think?"
The wise man said: "All of you should know that thieves are two kinds. One who steal because of the need and the one who steal for it is his profession."
We cut the hand of the thief who steels for it is his profession, and for the one who steal for his need, the ruler's head has to be cut.
Everyone was surprised, and the king aske the wise man about the source of his judgement.
The wise man said: "It is from a just ruler who ruled Muslims in a period of time"

The just ruler was Al-Imam Ali (peace be upon him)

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