Father is a teacher and example for his children
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Father is a teacher and example for his children

Father is considered as the main pillar of the family, for he is the protection and care source, and he is the model and authority to direct the family, and the relationship between the father and his family is unbreakable; for children need him and his support because of the continues interaction; for he is the main shepherd for the family, so the exist of father is needed to raise and prepare the children.

Children are born as a white clean sheet, honest, innocent and pure, but they get effected by the educating and care source, which are father and mother, and especially father because of his important presence in his children’s minds. For that, it is the father’s responsibility to build up his children morally, increase their natural manners and direct it for the best. Also fathers must watch their children behavior, and concentrate on the morals and sense of conscience.

Father is the first teacher in the children’s life, and their closest model, so he must watch his behavior and language; because children take everything from him and copy it.

 So he must be an example for beneficence , communications , cooperation and charity , and lead his children to virtues , knowledge and having all the morals and good habits , by using educational means to do it .

And to accomplish this, he has to do two things:

First: continue on a positive and righteous attitude, and ask his children to participate with him, like carrying charity to poor people together,

Second: teaching them the importance of having high morals by educating them and telling them stories or showing them visual education programs, and set some ceremonies and preparing opportunities to apply them, like encouraging them to pray and allowing them to go to mosques, and ask them to be good to the neighbors, and support their communication with the neighbor’s children, and so on.

Father must avoid mistakes in front of his children correctly without justifying, but admitting his wrong action or words using, and to apologize in front of them and correct his ways, to teach them how to avoid mistakes and correct their path without justifying.

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