How a martyr’s wife can be a successful role model?
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How a martyr’s wife can be a successful role model?

Losing the husband is considered as the fall of the family bases, and that makes wives feel sad, sorrow and pain that reflects on children too, for the source of protection, safety, support and management doesn’t exist anymore.

But this can be easier for the wife, who understands that her martyr husband died for the religion, homeland and values. She will realize that her husband gave his soul for these high principles, and she has to continue his way and carry his message for his memory.

The greatest message she can carry is taking care of their children, and to be the father and mother in roles and duties.

Motherhood is a role that many women fail to do, they can be mothers but not real moms.

So in order for her to success in her mission and message by raising their children , and to be successful in that , she has to have a strong and faithful heart with an cheerful face , optimistic and carry hope for a beautiful future , and to keep sorrow , sadness for her husband away from her life …

The martyr’s wife has two basic objectives to be successful in her message:

First: the full knowledge of her children‘s personality, mood and needs, and the situations that require from her to be as a father in guiding and restricting.

Second: be the one who discipline, educates and discovers the children’s abilities, raise and support them.

And these two objectives are known to be hard and needs patience and to rely on Allah and asking for his help, and there isn’t an alternative for a mother in this case, who can help, care for and accompany them through life. So there are some points that make a martyr’s wife; a successful messenger, which are:

First: Determine your role accurately, and you will know what to do. State your decision clearly to be reflexed on your attitude, because the eyes of others are waiting to see your react, so you need an insight while making choices while preparing and applying.

Second: protect yourself and work to keep your purity and reputation, and be aware from any mistakes, because you have a message and duty, because you are a mother and a mother is a role model for her children. A mother is considered as an example of righteousness to her child.

Third: believe in Allah and his mercy and generosity, and charge yourself with the spiritual power by seeking scientific, moral and religious knowledge, and following the educational and development programs, to support your personal goals and your daily and yearly plan.

Forth: life path is not filled with flowers, and our attitudes toward our children, will not always cause the correct results, so don’t let the problems of life as weakness points, and don’t let the obstacles throw you in the desperation mud… continue with patience, stability and hope in Allah and his help.

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