golden ideas to motivate your workers
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Do you feel that some of the workers’ performance is not as it used to be ?
They were full with energy at their first days…
Do you notice dilatory at work and dropping in production ?
Are you worried about your company or institute future , for the lack in progress ?
Don’t give up …
There are more than one idea to restore the energy of your workers  and charge them with positive power by stimulation and development .
And beware of using punishments or dealing with them by more brusqueness , because pressure causes aversion of work , and then , the problem grow and becomes more complicated !!
You need to be psychologically and mentally ready for the golden ideas we are going to talk about , to help you regain the energy in the your company or institute :
The weekly ethical idea ; with the presence of a religion man  who talks about the ethics of the job and the reward for them in this life and the other life …
The idea of the colorful week : it is a week in the month with its full days or separated along the month and it includes :
-the feast day : which means every one of the employers and workers join with the managers to sit around together on one food table .
-the uniform rest day , when the employee wears what they like and fit them .
-agree to go to an amusing place .
-sharing experience and responsibilities respectfully in a fun and friendship.
-choosing one day for charity work and helping others psychologically or financially , and supporting others like visiting people in the hospitals , orphanages or infirmary .
-competitions to give an Idea about developing the section that they working at , and the winner is given a reward for it .
- the typical employee ;which is chosen depending on his attendance time , creative ideas , amount and quality of his/her  production , personal and professional morals .
-daily stimulation and strengthen : visiting the workers places and verbally encouraging them , and giving them a concrete ratings on the news board with golden marks , an amount of money or an  appreciation like higher payment , rewards , silver mark , promotion or gratitude notes .

-publish an advertisement in the public magazine to praise your employees .
-a memorial picture with the CEO or the managers .
-sending a gift for the employer’s house with a thanking note on it .
- a video type with the accomplishments of the employers on it was typed along the year and  showed in an honoring ceremony or the year end meeting .
- doing sports and favorite hobbies together .
-group break and taking a nap for 20 minutes .
-sending experts to other companies and successful institution monthly to share experience and ideas .
-spreading positivity as a major base in work . be positive in the office and all working sites , and also enthusiastic and inspiration for the working team .
The working environment is important for everyone , so make sure to have some humor and fun , and make your serious job equal your serious fun , to make the working time passes while you are full with energy .
Finally; don’t hesitate punishing discouraged employers and who spreads negativity that causes worry and depression for others , because these sick people ruin the positive atmosphere and the enthusiastic environment and change it to a boring , choking , full of doubts , and gossip , and tracking employees mistakes to hurt them 

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