Overconfidence and Underconfidence
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A realistic appraisal of one's abilities enables people to strike a healthy balance between too little and too much confidence. Too little confidence can prevent people from taking risks and seizing opportunities—in school, at work, or in their social life.

Too much confidence can come off as cockiness, arrogance, or narcissism. Overestimating one’s abilities might also lead to problems such as failing to complete projects on time.

What’s the difference between confidence and narcissism?

Narcissism can be due to insecurities and defense mechanisms, while confidence comes from self-awareness and the ability to tolerate and reflect on one’s insecurities. Confidence instills a personal sense of being capable and competent, while narcissism encompasses a sense of superiority over others.


Why are we drawn to narcissists?

People like those who are higher in narcissism better than those who are lower in narcissism, according to one recent study, and that may be because people overestimate how much self-esteem narcissists have. Perceiving a strong sense of confidence, which puts others at ease, may be the key to narcissists’ appeal.


What are the reasons someone might have low confidence?

A few of the ingredients that determine a person's confidence level  include genetics, temperament, cultural background, and early life experiences such as parenting style or a past trauma. Although those elements are generally out of our control, there are still plenty of ways to gain confidence throughout our lives.


What are the costs of underconfidence?

Underconfidence can lead people to shy away from new opportunities—such as a career shift or new romantic relationship—due to the fear of failure or embarrassment. Reflecting on which opportunities are viable and the range of possible outcomes can make sure that underconfidence doesn’t prevent people from achieving success.


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