Why is the hijab imposed on women?
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The hijab was not imposed in order to restrict women and make them live in a shell deprived of their freedom. Imposing the hijab does not mean placing an obstacle in the way of realizing a woman’s ambition to achieve her scientific and practical project. The hijab was imposed for two basic goals.

The first: The hijab is a manifestation of chastity

When a woman goes out with her attractive adornment and shows off her charms, she becomes a prey to harassment by mentally ill people. Islam provides her with a dignified and respectable life, and preserves her dignity by imposing upon what should be covered; So that she would not be exposed to such ugly and harmful attempts, Allah ordered her to wear the veil as a manifestation of her pride, dignity, and chastity. When a woman veils, it is as if she is saying to the man, “This is a manifestation of my chastity, dignity, and sanctity.”

The hijab is not a cloth, but rather content and a practical and behavioral philosophy. However, this clothing is a symbolic act that symbolizes chastity and dignity, and therefore the Sharia enjoined it as an appearance and a symbol of the sanctity and dignity of women.

Second: Maintaining family cohesion

One of the disasters of societies that do not respect the covering and veil and are dominated by chaos is that their families live in terrible coldness and disintegration. A woman who does not hesitate to accept any relationship from her admirer means achieving emotional satisfaction outside the marital circle.

The husband who satisfies his affection with another woman because he is attracted to her appearances makes him negligent with his wife, and thus a rift occurs in the marital bond, while Islam came to achieve harmony and cohesion, so Allah Almighty said:

“And among His signs is that He created for you mates from among yourselves, that you may find tranquility in them, and He placed between you affection and mercy.”

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