Investing in personal potential
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Man is Allah’s successor on earth, and Allah Almighty has entrusted him with building it. Accordingly, man was created with capabilities that surpass all other creatures on the face of the earth. The Almighty said: (And We favored them over many of those whom we created with superiority.)

In order to take optimal advantage of these capabilities, you must consider the following:

Define your goals:

Setting goals reveals a clear path for you that enable you to move with consistency and balance, while taking into account the proportionality of these goals with your capabilities.

Draw the lines:

Planning avoids randomness that delays you many steps from your goal, by distracting you and draining your energy with things that are completely far from what you aspire to.

Be brave:

Many individuals are defeated at the beginning of the path, and some of them may withdraw!

Having courage is extremely important to pass the first step, and to continue with the subsequent steps. Imam al-Baqir, peace be upon him, said: (The believer is steadier than the mountain).

Start implementing:

In the implementation phase, raise the ceiling of concentration, be steadfast, harness all energies and skills, and rely on Allah. The Almighty said: {so when you are determined, put your trust in Allah} in order to reach the best desired results.

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