Purpose of Revelation of sura al kauthar
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One day 'Aas Ibn Wael, who was one of the leaders of the Mushrikeen of Makkah saw the Holy Prophet (p.b.u.h.) coming out of Masjid al-Haraam. Therefore, he stopped and conversed with him for some while. Meanwhile, some other elders of Mushrikeen who were inside the mosque were observing this. When the conversation was over and 'Aas came inside the mosque, the group asked, "O 'Aas! Whom were you chatting to?" He responded by saying, "With that person who is Abtar".
Abtar means "Tail-less" – a person whose progeny has been cut off. The Holy prophet (p.b.u.h.) had two sons from Khadija (p.b.u.h.) namely Qasim and Tahir. Since both of them had died, leaving the prophet without any sons, the pagan Arabs started calling the prophet (p.b.u.h.) Abtar.
As a consolation to the Prophet (p.b.u.h.) ,Surah al-Kauthar was revealed.

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