Your morals after you die!
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One of them stopped a young man and said: Hello, beautiful one, may Allah have mercy on your father. He was a respectable and decent human being, who left his mark on the hearts of all people.

Abbas was the object of people's praise and admiration for his father, and this praise had a great impact on his heart, to the point that Abbas attributed the reason for the great satisfaction and happiness he felt with people to his father's morals, from which he gained a good reputation among the people.

How many people have lived in the name of their fathers and walked with the blessing of their morals and good reputation among the people. Your good morals today are the greatest legacy you leave for your children.

The father’s influence on his children does not only appear in their upbringing, but it also appears in his behavior with people. If the father’s actions and morals are good, their impact will be great on his children.

The message of fatherhood is very great, so be the father who makes his children happy even after his death, and it is an influential message in this life, because you are leaving this world, so leave a good impact on it before you leave, as it is a market in which people have won and others lost.

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