Be exceptional
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An individual should not drift with the group without awareness of the direction of that group! So he knows who they are? On what did they base their convictions?

Don't be a flunky; A phrase that guides us to stop taking the initiative to join intellectual currents and vague and ambiguous cultural groupings without insight and consideration of the identity of the people, their history, and their goals.

Abandoning the responsibility (verification, examination, and testing) that many young men and women evade and are lazy to do!

Rather, it is complete inability, as Imam Ali, peace be upon him, says: “Confidence before experience is inability.”

Ask yourself: Are you empty of intellectual and cognitive content? So that another comes to fill your mind and heart?

Are you falling victim to the sweet bait that the decaying currents are trying to catch you for?

The young man must be exceptional and not be affected by modern waves that he does not know where they come from? And who stands behind it?

The girl must be exceptional and not be influenced by what is broadcast by the media or shared by some girls who are not bound by the controls of religion and values.

You must think before you enter into any social or economic project... Who is behind it? Who benefits from it? Who are their opponents?!

Do not close the eyes of your minds and hearts, be mature! You are not toys controlled by others or projects intended to be directed towards serving their goals and objectives!

Be exceptional; an exceptional person shines like a star among his peers.

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