Five basics to maintain the integrity of your married life
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In order for the family to sail toward safety and withstand the waves of problems that afflict its members, there must be foundations for its crew, which are the spouses, and among the means that make the relationship characterized by permanence and continuity are the following foundations: -

The first basis: the existence of a program to solve problems. There is no partnership that is not accompanied by the occurrence of problems and conflicts of viewpoints, and this is normal. Due to the difference in intellectual and psychological levels between people, and for the relationship to last long, there must be a problem-solving program whose terms the spouses agree on and are committed to implementing.

The second foundation: Cooperation. Building a family and carrying out the function of education and care requires communication and cooperation. Household tasks may fall on the wife, making her feel bored. She needs her husband to stand by her side and extend a helping hand to accomplish many tasks.

The third foundation: Commitment to the two pillars of honesty: trust and frankness. These two pillars constitute an honest life free of distortion, hypocrisy, deceit, or following a dual personality pattern. Trust is based on frankness and not hiding something from each other, especially what affects the dignity of each other.

The fourth foundation: Doubt and tracking down pitfalls. In order for the relationship to last, the husband must overcome slips and small mistakes that happen unintentionally. The husband must be very negligent and the wife must be very tolerant, so that life continues towards stability that is appropriate for their lives.

The fifth foundation: emotional connection and a mutual feeling of love and affection, and enhancing this through moral and material support. Perhaps a charming word that the husband speaks makes the wife feel lasting positive feelings, or perhaps a simple gift deepens the affection and love between them.

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