Dealing with Obstacles
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1- Face reality. Having the ability to stare life's challenges in the face is a big advantage, but it can be really difficult to do. When a big problem arises, it's so much easier to ignore it, sugarcoat it, or put off making a decision. Practice seeing obstacles for what they are so you can figure out the best way around, over or through them.

  • Stay consistent when you’re faced with obstacles. You may lose motivation or you may question why you should keep going, but sticking with it will help guide you through any obstacle.
  • Be truthful with yourself. If you've strayed from the path toward your goal, own up to it. For example, if your goal is to become a published author, and you haven't set aside time to write, face the facts instead of making excuses for yourself.

2- Weigh your options carefully. Making careful, reasoned decisions instead of rash ones will get you further, faster. Each time you encounter an obstacle, examine the issue from all angles before you take action. There's always more than one way to handle a problem, and you want to figure out which path makes the most sense without taking any shortcuts.

  • Get advice from those with wisdom. Other people can be a huge help when it comes to making big decisions. If you know people who've been through it before, ask them how they handled the situation. Just remember to take other people's advice with a grain of salt, especially if they're somehow invested in the outcome.
  • It may also be helpful to have a few role models - people in your life, like religious figures - with values that align with yours. Asking yourself what those people would do in a given situation could help point you in the right direction.

3- Listen to your conscience. It's the ultimate deciding factor. What do you believe is the right thing to do? Acting with your conscience as your guide is always the best decision, even if it brings about an apparent setback. When you act according to your conscience, you can be confident you did your very best. If doubt or confusion set in later, the knowledge that you acted according to your conscience will help you get through.

  • Sometimes the right path is clear, and other times it's murky. Do what you need to do to see clearly, whether that's meditating, going to a religious service, writing in a journal, or another activity that helps you sort through your thoughts.


4- Stand up for yourself. After you make a decision that you know is right, back it up with all you've got. Follow through in the face of criticism, hardship and self doubt. It takes courage to act on your beliefs, especially when they aren't popular. But you can draw strength and confidence from the knowledge that you weighed the options carefully and acted based on your own steadfast beliefs.

5- Learn from your mistakes. You won't always find your way on the first try. Wisdom is gained by making lots of mistakes and trying something different the next time around. Reflect on what happened and figure out what you can take away from the experience, then apply what you learned next time you have another obstacle to face down.

  • Even the strongest people have failures. Don't fall into a pattern of beating yourself up when something goes wrong. Instead, plot a new strategy for pursuing your goal, knowing it'll turn out differently next time.


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