Three strategies that save you from rushing to make decisions
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Improvisation in decision-making always has bad consequences, and rushing to express a position without deliberation or delay leads a hasty person into problems and disputes that confuse his relationships. Do not automatically rush to reject or accept or state your position on a particular topic until you know the positives and negatives of the topic; you are not infallible until you resort to yourself to express your reaction immediately and quickly. Rather, we do not know many things, and most of the facts are hidden from us. We need an appropriate time to think about any topic in which our position is intended to be stated, or in which we make a specific decision and reach complete conviction in order to make the right decision and the appropriate position that was in our interest, and without harming others...

In order to make a decision that is not rushed, we offer you three strategies that will help you not to be emotional in your positions and decisions:

First: Before you decide or take a position, ask yourself the following question:

Am I sure that my information about the person or topic is correct? Is my thinking correct in interpreting the situation that happened or that I witnessed?

Through this strategy, you will verify the accuracy of the information that forms the basis for any decision you will make, and you will discover whether your thinking was correct during your analysis of matters and events to form realistic data and not speculative and imaginary data on which you rely as facts in your position!

Second: What are the possible consequences of taking such a decision or position?

Remember three positive possibilities that you expect that you will get because of your decision, then think about three negative possibilities that may arise from this decision or the situation, write this on paper, and compare the value and size of the positives and negatives to come out with a result that suits your goals The gifts available to you with the consequences Your decision, and then this strategy will protect you from regret and problems.

Third: Why did you choose this decision and not another?

You must give rational or legal justifications for what you decided, which led you to be convinced of this position over any other, and does it really suit your interests and goals?

Thus, you will be safe from your decision being improvised or stemming from an emotional state that led you to be reckless and indifferent, thus harming yourself or being a cause of harm to others.

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