Happiness in married life between dreams and relativity
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It is wonderful and beautiful for the couple to set out their ambitions for a warm life dominated by harmony, love, tranquility and cooperation, raising well-mannered children, owning a spacious safe and comfortable home, and building successful relationships, but it is wrong for them to imagine achieving this in a short period of time or in a few years; Because the nature of life is not built on dreams and aspirations without serious and continuous striving, sacrifices, enduring shocks, and experiencing the harshness of bitter and difficult circumstances many times.

The basic truth that spouses must realize is that happiness in their lives is relative, not absolute, and restricted. Distresses and annoyances will accompany every moment of their existence. It is impossible for their married life not to be marred by distress and sadness.

In order for them to enjoy a good life, they must make good use of it so that they feel beneficial psychological compensation and fruitful relaxation from the hardships of life that no one will ever get rid of.

One of the researchers tried to set standards to determine the amount of acceptable happiness, and he suggested - according to his view - that the eighty percent (80%) is acceptable and common, and it is best to preserve it, be content with it, and thank Allah Almighty for its existence...

The researcher went on to say that if this percentage diminished to an extent with which patience is possible, especially with circumstances that prevent the husband or wife from following the demands of life in safety, then patience would also be a sign of reason and sacrifice. However, if the percentage decreased to reach ten percent (10%) and twenty percent (20%) There were indicators that demonstrated the deterioration and decline of the relationship: such as the permanent frowning face of one of them, escaping from home through travel and spending the night outside the home and on trivial issues...; They exploded through quarrels over the most trivial reasons, accusing each other of negligence, one or both of them falling into religious depravity with its levels of profanity, insults, and uttering obscenities and infidelity, neglecting each other physically for long periods, authoritarian exploitation, such as the husband imposing exhausting activities on his wife...

In all of these cases mentioned, it is advisable to reconsider the origin of the marital relationship, and to think seriously and logically about taking what is necessary regarding it, either with a fair solution or ending it, as life must be characterized by stability in general, and there is no need for it to be hell, we have only one life and we cannot repeat it, we have one soul and no one else, and we have one body that is exhausted by effort and melted by worry.

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