Five ethical guidelines
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Religion among the the prophets progeny (peace be upon them) is based on the system of values and morals that our Master, the Messenger of Allah - may Allah’s prayers and peace be upon him and his family - expressed in honorable morals when he said: “I was sent only to perfect the noble morals.”

Worships such as prayer, fasting, Hajj, and others do not have an educational value unless they are based on inspiring the soul to develop virtuous morals, noble attributes, beautiful qualities, and good dealings with people.

Belonging to the family of Muhammad - peace be upon them - is based on controls that establish the infrastructure for the essence of the true personality of the true Shiite, as opposed to the false pretender who brags about his love for the family of Muhammad, while he is contrary to their educational and behavioral approach, and commits abominable sins.

Five basic controls determine the psychological and behavioral features of the Shiite’s personality, and diagnose the role of the Shiite in his dealings with himself and with others

The first: controlling oneself in hours of anger and controlling it under the authority of reason, religion, and morals.

Second: good companionship; whoever is with him is not oppressed or harmed, whether it is his family, friend, or neighbor...

Third: Generous accompaniment for those who accompany him on a study fellowship, travel, or business partnership in a department, institution, or market...

Fourth: Respectful reconciliation. That is, respecting agreements and contracts concluded during work or shifts.

Fifth: standing at the moral and legal boundaries in the event of intersection and clash of interests.

These basic controls are the shining framework according to which whoever holds himself and his behavior is considered one of the Shiites of the family of Muhammad - peace be upon them - and whoever does not adhere to these controls and throws them against the wall; He is outside that framework!

Then he is not a Shiite of the family of Muhammad, no matter how much he claims affection for them and adheres to the rituals and formalities of belonging.

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