How do we benefit from what we learn?
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Some people may spend a long time studying and learning without tasting the fruit of knowledge or seeing a real change in themselves and their personality, and perhaps even in their professional life. Knowledge has a sweetness and spiritual pleasure that is reflected in the learner’s mood and behavior, making him feel satisfied and happy, in addition to the growth of his skills and the development of his experiences.

If he encounters intellectual obstacles or social pitfalls, he faces them with beautiful patience, an optimistic spirit, and steadfastness until he overcomes those crises.

At the level of his social relationships, he is a cheerful person who gets along well, and takes the initiative to extend a helping hand and give to others, and he often ignores the ignorant and foolish.

The true learner is like an evergreen palm tree, which gives its fruits without distinction!! This results from the correct method of learning and making fruitful use of knowledge.

In order for us to benefit from what we learn, the information we obtain must have two goals:

The first: a goal that removes doubt, anxiety, and ambiguity. Because if the information is characterized by accuracy and certainty and is sound and proven to be correct, it will give correct and realistic results.

The second: an applied goal; So that the information is guiding towards what is right, good and perfect, and supports the applied and practical methodology in life.

The seeker of knowledge should realize these two goals in every scientific field in which he specializes or draws from. Also, even in reading cultural and scientific books, the reader should realize these two goals, otherwise there is no value in reading large amounts of literature without it resulting in achieving those two goals of changing convictions, Correcting ideas, and supporting practical and realistic life. Some ideas and information are intellectual luxury and chatter that have no place in application or reality.

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