Avoid deception
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The Messenger of Allah (may Allah bless him and his progeny) said:

(He who deceives a Muslim is not one of us)

The characteristic of cunning includes the meanings of evil, which include deception, treachery, cheating, and plotting. The cunning person harbors bad intentions, plots to ensnare the victim in secret and cunning manner, and waits for situations when the person being attacked is unaware of them in order to lure him into his plot.

The deepest feeling of remorse is when a person is taken treacherously through cunning planning. Until his money is stolen, or he is excluded from his work or position, or his reputation is tarnished, or harm befalls him.

  Many situations occur in the market by sellers and merchants... It is said that a thief came to a man shopping in the market and offered him a profitable deal, which was: buying several gold bracelets at a low price from a stranger from another country, and this thief showed his keenness to buy. This stranger got these precious gold bracelets from his countryman. If he had the money, he would not have delayed buying them from him. In fact, he was not from another country. Rather, he pretended to do so in agreement with the thief. Thus, he deceived the victim and made him buy fake bracelets that looked like gold, and took advantage of the man’s naivety and ignorance.

As soon as the man went and showed the bracelets to a jeweler, he said to him: Are you making fun of me?! They are ordinary metal bracelets, not gold!

A cunning person is someone who cannot carry in his heart the fear of Allah Almighty. Because he plots and plans to ensnare people, and this reveals his neglect of the oversight of Allah Almighty, who knows the secrets and the hidden ones. The cunning person ignores Allah Almighty’s knowledge of motives and intentions, but rather insists on inflicting harm and evil on others!

He did not know that this deception would lead him to do what he deceived. As Allah Almighty said: (But evil plotting only backfires on those who plot it), and Allah Almighty will punish him with the most severe punishment on the Day of Resurrection.

Therefore: The cunning person is not considered included in the guardianship of Allah Almighty, His Prophet, and the believers.

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