Do you listen carefully to others?
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Misunderstanding! It is a realistic and widespread cause of most family problems and social relations. Failure to listen to the speaker and understand his meaning may cause misunderstanding of his words and thus the reaction will be emotional and loaded with violence.

Through listening one can cross into the circle of the speaker and comprehend his words and what he means. Listening to his voice is not enough during dialogue and conversation. Rather, one must be certain of comprehending the content of his expressions, and one must be careful not to rush in responding. It is good and correct thinking to open more than one dialogue box that achieves unity. Communicating to remove any suspicion or misunderstanding, trying to understand the points of view of others and know the speaker’s underlying motives.

Here are the titles of those dialog boxes:

Examples box: This is the closest method to comprehending any idea. Tell the person you are talking to that your idea is similar to the proverb that says: And you say it to him. Then the speaker will reveal his motives, affirmatively or negatively, according to your representation.

Intellectual Analysis box: Using the rules of logical thinking and methods of intellectual analysis represented by questions and investigating the reasons (what is, how, when, where and why?)... You will find the speaker feeling the information flowing from him in an orderly manner and perhaps he will thank you because you helped him explain what he wanted to you or For others.

The box of synonyms and opposites: by confirming or denying a meaning by mentioning a synonymous meaning or its opposite meaning, so that the desired meaning is distinguished by a clarifying interrogative style, such as your friend mentioning in the course of his speech and during the heat of the discussion that you do not understand, correct him by saying to him: Perhaps your words are not understood and need clarification.

Box for interpreting the phrase or situation: As when your friend spoke to justify him being late for an appointment, saying: I did not expect you to come so quickly, then explain what he meant: Oh... perhaps you mean that I will come early? Or you say to him: Do you mean that I am punctual to the appointment time to a precise degree?

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