Importance of a Father-Daughter relationship
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Having a child is one of the greatest blessings of Allah upon humankind.

Our kids, we love them to death and would not any harm done to them.

We try our best to raise them to become great adults and we form a special connection with them from their childhood up until they get married and move on.

But they say that the father really becomes close to his daughter and loves/adores her more, especially at a young age. Also, vice versa, the young daughter also becomes very close to her father.

Most of us know the importance of the mother in the development of a child, but what about the value of a good father-daughter relationship? Is it as important to a child's growth as the mother's involvement?

A positive father-daughter relationship can have a huge impact on a young girl's life and even determine whether or not she develops into a strong, confident woman.

A father's influence in his daughter's life shapes her self-esteem, self-image, confidence and opinions of men.

So how do you start a positive father-daughter relationship?

You can begin developing ties on day one of your daughter's life. While your daughter will not necessarily do much in her first few months, you can make sure she knows you are there and begins to develop a sense of closeness with you as well as her mother.

Some of the best ways is taking an active role in baby care. This means helping comforting her in the middle of the night, giving her bottles and simply holding her as often as possible. As she grows, you can stay involved in her care and develop other techniques for strengthening the bonds.

Now a few years pass and she’s now in her childhood years.

As your daughter grows into childhood, her senses and awareness are developing very rapidly. She’s gradually becoming aware of who you are to her.

Take time out to teach her new things, expose her to new experiences, anything you can do together will likely add to the father-daughter bond.

Then comes adolescent years

As your daughter goes through the school experience, do not forget you are there to guide and teach her. Be her home counselor. According to, it is crucial at this age for fathers to take the time to listen to their daughters and find out what they are thinking, dreaming, feeling and doing.

Now she’s a full grown adult.

If you’ve have followed the points above, you and your daughter by now should have a very good and solid connection.

She is now ready for the phase of her life and that is marriage.

During this time, the time for father and daughter activities will likely be limited, however this does not mean that the father-daughter bond isn't still very important.

Daughters, even after having their own families, still need advice and guidance from their fathers.

Fathers have the most profound impact on their daughters’ lives and there is nothing better than a positive father-daughter relationship. It is generally believed that children are closer to their moms but there is no denying the fact that daughters are closer to their dads. Here’s why a father-daughter relationship is the most important relationship:

To all the daughters out there, listen carefully:

1. Your father is the first man in your life and therefore the first male role model.

There is a strong need for a young girl to have a positive male role model in her life. A father who respects his wife, daughter and other women helps his daughter trust and respect the opposite gender too. A father sets the standard by which his daughter will judge and view other men.


2. A father has an influence on his daughter’s self-image

Your father’s relationship with your mom, and you, helps you realize the importance of a woman in a man’s life and your own self-worth.


3. A father helps you to be confident and assertive

A father, who allows his daughter to express her feelings and be assertive, helps his daughter to be confident and assertive.


4. Only a supportive father can help you grow up to be an independent woman

A father encourages his daughter to dream big and gives her the foundation to go after her dreams. A supportive father never stops his daughter from flying high. Behind every successful woman is a supporting father.


5. A father helps you to be self-sufficient and self-reliant

A father picks you up when you fall down but he is the one person in a daughter’s life who helps her become self-sufficient and self-reliant.


6. You always turn to your father when you are in trouble

A daughter feels safe and protected with her father. She knows if there’s a man in her life who will never bail out on her and will always be there for her – that’s her father. She knows she can call her father at any hour of the day and he will be there for her. No one can ever give her that sense of security and commitment.


7. A father helps his daughter overcome insecurities

A father makes his daughter feel like the most beautiful person in the world. You may not be perfect but you will always be the perfect girl to your father. He helps his daughter overcome insecurities and imperfections.


8. A father helps his daughter avoid toxic relationships in her life

A father who is compassionate, supportive and respectful helps his daughter avoid toxic relationships in her life. He sets the ground for how she will be treated by others, especially, men.


9. A father helps define your future relationship

A woman’s relationship with her father and her father’s relationship with her mother shapes her expectations for a future positive relationship with her husband. A woman’s choice of a husband consciously and unconsciously depends on her father.


Now Islam put high respect to daughters and women in general.

The Messenger of Allah says: "The best of your children are girls"

The Messenger of Allah says: “Whoever has three daughters and he accommodates them, show mercy toward them, and supports them, Paradise is definitely guaranteed for him.”

The Messenger of Allaah says: "Twelve blessings and mercies from heaven are brought down to the house with daughters, and the angels continuously visit that house and write to their father every day the worship of a year."

Imam al-Sadiq also says: "Daughters are advantages and sons are graces. You will be rewarded for the advantages and asked about the graces.”

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