The angles you view your wife
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Dear husband:

Certainly, you would like to know the ways to make your marital life stable, and introduce you to the keys to solving the problems that disturb the peace of your marital life. We place in your hands the triangle of marital balance, which, by constantly looking at its angles, will achieve two benefits for you:

The first: the balance of your marital relationship if you apply this triangle well.

  The other: It gives you the ability to avoid and repair if a defect occurs in one of the corners - God forbid -!

What are the angles of this triangle:

The angle of love: You view her as a “beloved wife” who has rights and you have duties towards her. The most important point in the pyramid of this angle is the continuity of affection, so express your love for her in a way that satisfies her emotional and psychological needs and beware of neglecting it.

Her angle of responsibility in the family: She is the “mother” and “manager,” the safety tent for your children and the source of tenderness for all family members, through the care and attention she does in terms of managing the home and organizing its affairs. She needs your help, support, and motivation for her to feel appreciated and interested in what she gives, and do not underestimate its value, regardless of its level.

The angle of humanity: Do not forget that your wife is a “human being” with her own ambitions, dreams, personal opinions, and freedom with which Allah has honored her to choose and decide. You must give her great respect, appreciate her choices, and give her confidence by accepting her vision during decision-making, so do not marginalize her presence or role with neglect and contempt.

By staying mentally and psychologically aware of these angles, a conceptual framework will be formed in your mind, and it will be a reference for you in correcting any defect and avoiding any problem.

If you think carefully about these angles, you will find that they build your relationship on values and principles that give priority to respect in every behavior, which is the most successful method known in marital relationships.

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