Things that should be repeated
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It is natural and necessary for us to repeatedly teach them how to button their clothes, what to say and how to say it, to push them to look in front of them when they walk, to remind them of doing their homework, and many other things.

Repeating our words is not an indication that what is wrong with us, or that our children suffer from some problem on the mental level.

It is also natural and necessary to repeat all the messages that we want them to use for their inner guidance. Below is a sample of these messages:

* Be on time

* Return it to the place you brought it from

*Go and have a good time

* Did you feed the dog (cat, bird)?

* Go and do your homework

* Speak in a natural voice

*Remember to give me the notes you are given at school

* Speak clearly

* Have you washed your hands?

* Think of a way to make the situation better

* Avoid making the situation worse than it is

* If you are not nice to people, they will likely refuse to play with you

* Do what I tell you right away

* Wait your Turn

* drive carefully

* Return home on time

* Think before you act and think about the possible consequences

* Share and collaborate

* Think about others too.

We point out, as a reminder, that most children learn easily and well in some areas, and that all children learn in some areas more easily than others. Therefore, we recommend that you notice what areas your child learns easily or more easily... and celebrate that.

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