Why worry about future provisions?
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Man normally imagines that he has a long life and then thinks how to provide provisions for himself. His main mistake is that he thinks that his lifetime provisions should be available to him at present to make him feel comfortable.  By preparing the provisions, he imagines that all provisions are prepared for the current time! This is not the case. In fact, provisions are given to man on “day to day”‌ basis.
Commenting on this rule, Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) states: “O, Ali! Don’t be upset over the next days’ provisions, since each coming day has its own provisions which will arrive in due time.”‌

In this regard, Imam Ali (A.S) says: “Those who are upset about the next day’s provisions won’t be prosperous.”‌

“The present”‌ moment could not bear all life’s burden and those who impose all life sorrows on present moment, undoubtedly feel psychological pressure which turns life to a hell.

In this regard, Imam Ali (A.S) says: “Do not accumulate one year’s sorrow for one day (today) because what you have for one day is enough. So if your life is to extend for the next year, Allah will send what is yours and what he considered yours for tomorrow will be send tomorrow. If your life is not to extend next year, why are you upset about what is not yours.”‌

The interesting point is that Imam Ali (A.S) did not reject concerns about provisions, but he says: “each day should be confined to its own concern”‌. If you seek provisions in each day, it is not abominable or problematic; the problem comes when you accumulate all future sorrows on your shoulder in your today’s life. Therefore, if each day you think only about that day, not only you are not lagging behind today’s work, but also you don’t feel dissatisfied or frustrated.

If you do so, your lifetime stress will be distributed to every day of your life and hence its pressure will be reduced.

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