Greed, unnecessary pain
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Some people believe that human beings should gain more to enjoy more. This mentality gives birth to greed. This mentality maintains that by traversing this path, we can enjoy more and gain more provisions and comfort. But, as a matter of fact, greedy undermines comfort in one’s life. With regard to spiritual comfort and pleasure, a greedy person is deprived of such comforts. Imam Sadiq (A.S) say:
“A greedy man is deprived of two things and also gets involved in two matters: he is deprived of contentment and therefore is involved in discomfort and also he is deprived of satisfaction and consequently will be involved in uncertainty.”‌

Contentment, key to satisfaction

Now we can better understand the concept of contentment and its impact on life. Contentment is a key to life satisfaction.  A contented man tries to gain his provisions, but is contented with what Allah has assigned for him. Therefore, he neither complains, nor is he disappointed. Thus, he feels satisfied with his life.

The difference between a contented man and greedy person is that the former has feeling of comfort that a greedy man is deprived of.  Neither grudging makes a greedy person gain more provisions, nor does contentment make a contented person go for less provisions. Therefore, if man is satisfied with what is determined for him, he would have comfort in life. Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) says:

“Bear in mind that every person has specified provisions which he inevitably gains. Therefore, if a person is satisfied with his or her provisions, it may bless him or her and fulfill his or her needs. Otherwise, it does not bless him or her and does not cover his or her needs.

Thus, human need to contentment is more than his need to greed. The most pleasurable life is for those who are contented with Allah-given provision.

Quoting Imam Sadiq (A.S), Loqman told his son:

“Be content with what Allah has assigned for you to have a joyful life.”‌

Those who are satisfied with Allah’s will, achieve real richness and contentedness; and therefore, the least amount of worldly stuffs suffice them and if a person is not contented with what is enough for him, he won’t be satisfied with the entire worldly possessions. No wealth can put an end to the feeling of poorness and need of human beings except satisfaction with provisions.

A contented person is never upset for what he does not have. Thus, such person concentrates on gaining comfort and relief and will ultimately achieve it.


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