How to get over embarrassing situations part two
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In the previous part, we talked about some ideas for overcoming an embarrassing situation, and we mentioned the importance of learning about society’s standards. It is not necessary for everyone to be convinced of your justifications. Be serious about silencing the sarcastic person and be patient in your reactions. Now we continue with those ideas that help you act wisely in embarrassing situations.

First: Cover the defect with your grace

No individual is free of faults so use the wisdom that says: Cover the faults of your creation with your grace. Having some good skills and noble characteristics will make you shine like a star in the sky of society.

Start to apologize with a smile on your face

In embarrassing situations, our reaction should be mixed with verbal and physical expressions, as body language may convey messages to others, as in speech. The phrase (excuse me) mixed with the cheerfulness of your face has an impact in conveying your position to others, making them appreciate your embarrassing circumstance and position, and bowing your head in front of others in a way indicates your respect for them and that what came from you was not the result of bad intentions, and silence is sometimes considered an effective response and message in many situations.

Determine your situation and make a quick decision

When you find yourself in an embarrassing situation with someone, such as accidentally damaging his phone or losing something you borrowed from your friend, express your apology, and that you did not do so intentionally, and take the initiative to express your position that you will be responsible for compensating the opposing party, using your tact in speaking with a broad smile as a message to the other that you are... You appreciate what you caused damage or loss.

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