Learning from the Past
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1- Forgive yourself for past mistakes. Know that your past does not define your future. You may have had some downs, some failed grades, or poor relationships. This does not mean that you will fail every exam you ever take or have poor relationships for the rest of your life. Everyone fails at times, but it’s how you respond to failure that defines your future success.

  • The point of this is not to point fingers or lay blame on any one. Understand that you have some control over the quality of your life.

2- Learn from your mistakes. Look at things that may have gone wrong in the past and look at your behavior then and now. Forgive yourself. What lessons can you learn from your past errors? Is there anything you’re doing in the present that you know will have consequences that you will regret later? Acknowledge these, and do something that will be of benefit to you later instead.

  • You will have to exercise some discipline and maybe alter your habits. It’s easy to repeat behavior just because it’s familiar.


3- Move on. Take the lessons you’ve learned and carry on with life. As your past has affected your present, your present will affect your future. Allow yourself to fully feel any grief you may have about the past—maybe you’re still mourning a friendship that went sour or a project you set out to do that didn’t work out the way you wanted—and let it go.

  • Write about past grievances or discuss them with someone you trust. Express your view on the matter and why you’re upset about it. This will help you better understand your situation.
  • Accept that what’s done is done and that you can only deal with the here and now. Forgive yourself for your mistakes and if you can, make amends with others.
  • Internalizing your acceptance of the past may take longer than a day, so go easy on yourself if you find yourself still dwelling about the past a month from now. Your choices, habits, and behavior in the past made who you are today. It will take time to cultivate new habits that will make you who you are tomorrow.


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