A study reveals the cause of the extinction of dinosaurs
3:48:42 2023-10-01 132

A recent study revealed the mystery that has been puzzling scientists for many years, which is what led to the killing and extinction of dinosaurs tens of millions of years ago.

The paper, published last Thursday in the Journal of the American Association for the Advancement of Science, used the power of 128 computer processors working simultaneously and, after running millions of computer simulations, concluded that the best explanation for the extinction of the dinosaurs was a "gas state."

This unexpected conclusion was reached by two geologists from Dartmouth College, Brenhen Keeler and Alexander Cox, who developed a new method to study this issue.

Most previous studies assumed that the mass extinction of dinosaurs that occurred 66 million years ago was caused by either an asteroid impact or a volcanic eruption, but in their recent study, Keller and Cox wanted to look at the matter with as little human bias as possible entering the equation, which is what made them... They resort to "computer modeling".

In order to input their data into the computer, they looked at cylindrical cores of sediment drilled from the depths of the ocean. These layers of Earth, filled with microorganisms called foraminifera, provide clues about the acidity of the oceans over time, and the amount of carbon dioxide and sulfur dioxide in the environment.

It is assumed that these two gases played a role in the extinction that killed off the dinosaurs and 75% of life on Earth, but Keller and Cox debated whether these gases were released as a result of an asteroid strike or a series of volcanic eruptions.

In order to find out, the two scientists simulated different scenarios, using the Markov chain Monte Carlo statistical model to calculate probabilities in light of the evidence recovered from the cores, and found that gas emitted from volcanoes was a sufficient explanation for the environmental changes that led to the death of the dinosaurs.

Meanwhile, a nearly simultaneous asteroid strike, which left a huge crater in the Gulf of Mexico, had little impact, according to the study.

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